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A Quick Post on the Papal Visit

My view on this lady, Marlene who said the Pope was evil and also my views on the Papal visit to the Philippines.

I have just been tagged in a post, drawing my attention to some comments by a lady called Marlene who apparently called the Pope evil and said everyone who believed in him was stupid. Well, there are millions, if not billions around the world who respect the Pope.

Personally, I don't think it comes down to believing in the Pope at all. One should believe in God and of course respect and follow the leadership of the Pope. Even for those like myself who are not Catholic, the visit to the Philippines of Pope Francis can only be good. 

The Pope is a very clever man, yet humble man. His visit to the Philippines is very important. Firstly it gives the chance for Catholics in the Philippines to see their leader, secondly, it gives Pope Francis an opportunity to see the Philippines in person. I hope and pray that a lot of good comes from this visit, also renewed faith for the Catholic believers in the country. God bless the Philippines and Filipino people and God bless the Pope.

Finally, God bless Marlene, let's not judge her, let God be her judge. With every great leader, there will always be critics.

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