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The Pope's Visit to the Philippines

Although I am not Catholic, nor do I go to church as often as I should sadly, I do believe that for a number of reasons, the Pope's visit to the Philippines was so important.

Firstly, on his flight from Sri Lanka to the Philippines, the Pope addressed the journalists on board, where he made reference to insults to religion. He went on to say that if somebody insulted his father, he would punch them on the nose, he then demonstrated this with one of his team.

I believe the point he was trying to make is that if someone insults God or religion they can expect action. Of course we are all entitled to and have the right to freedom of speech, but should not insult other people's religion and beliefs. This message would go out to Marlene Aguilar and anybody who chooses to insult religion. It does sadden me that we can't all respect one another. Praying for change.
There are many millions of Catholics in the Philippines, I believe it is only right that their leader paid them a visit. The Pope is right, the Filipino Diaspora make an amazing contribution to life around the world and this must be appreciated more.

I hope that a lot of good also comes out of this visit. I believe the Pope mentioned corruption as well during his visit. It is great to see the Pope is a very clever, well informed man who sees what goes on around the world.

I am not accusing anyone of being corrupt, all I am merely saying is that where man believes nobody is watching, God is watching and the Pope visited the Philippines to tell the people that. Praying that all will listen. God bless the Philippines, God bless the Pope as he departs the Philippines, praying for his safe journey and thank you for visiting the Philippines. God bless the Filipino people.

Malcolm Conlan


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