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Why Tony Fernandes Is Such A Great CEO

MANILA, Philippines - Exactly an hour ago, I got an email from Tony Fernandes, the CEO of Air Asia which recently lost its airplane, Flight QZ8501 as it flew toward Singapore from the Indonesian city of Surabaya with 162 people on board.

This is about 13 hours after the aircraft's black boxes were retreived from underwater.

I'll take you straight to the letter and you will know why Tony Fernandes is such a great CEO unlike others.

Here it is :

Dear _(my name was actually here)_,

The past few weeks have been the most difficult weeks of my life since starting AirAsia 13 years ago.

I wanted to reach out and thank you for the warmth and support given to all of us. Your messages of love and encouragement strengthen our resolve to be better. We will continue to provide updates as the investigation goes on.

Rest assured, we are committed to reviewing and improving our products and services. We are more focused than ever to provide you with nothing but the best.

Even in our toughest times, we will continue to be the world's best and be better for you.

Together with my 17,000 AirAsia Allstars, we ask that you join us in praying for the family members and loved ones of those on board QZ8501.



The 'we' in the hashtag togetherwestand was really emboldened for emphasis.

Maybe other CEOs can take tips from him.


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