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I'm Customer #1 at Jollibee Liverpool!

LONDON, England - Last week was a an eye-opening experience for me as I took a train from Euston Station to head out to Liverpool. Liverpool will not only be remembered for the Beatles but it will also be known as the place where the second Jollibee in the UK is located.

I'm a big fan of Jollibee and anything Pinoy.  So for me, I didn't mind that it would take me 3 hours and a half to get to Liverpool. I like taking the train anyway.

When I got to Liverpool a day before the scheduled opening of Jollibee, I first made my way to the hotel.  I couldn’t sleep in the room though. I was worried I wouldn’t be the first in the queue so joined the queue at 1am on Thursday morning.
It was a very enlightening experience, spending the night on the hard floors of Liverpool streets, I was actually really scared to close my eyes and what with homeless people approaching me, checking if I was ok, one even giving me his blanket, I got to experience maybe how tough life might have been on the streets. I was even given a burger and Coke by 2 ladies who were concerned about me.

My queuing paid off as Jollibee opened nine hours later at 10am and I got to have a taste of my favorite burger.

I ordered the tropical burger. Called the Aloha burger in the Philippines. I actually got to try it already as a special one off in Earl’s Court last month. It was really delicious.

Here are the other pics :

This is me at 1am securing my slot 9 hours ahead of the opening.

The till at Jollibee Liverpool.

Meeting some Pinoys from Liverpool

Friendly staff at Jollibee Liverpool.

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