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A Quick Trip To Milan

MILAN, Italy -  Hi Guys, I snuck a quick trip to Italy.  Milan to be specific.  I had to visit an old friend. 

As I arrived in Milan, I checked in at the Crowne Plaza Milano Malpense Airport. There I had my breakfast and jumped off for my day trip using a whole day pass which cost only 7 Euros.

I was able to go around a lot using that pass and along the way met some interesting Filipino people.  They said they had been following me on social media.  Oh, and since I'm on this, please do like my Facebook Page, Malcolm Conlan.  I realized that I have so many friends on Facebook who still haven't liked my page.

I visited the Philippine Consulate too.  Also visited a Filipino Restaurant for some Halo-Halo.

Finally, I visited my friend who I had come here for. His name is Jollibee.

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