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British Man With Filipino Heart Warns Pinoys Against Being Scammed By Fake UK Jobs

LONDON, England - The British Man with the Pinoy heart, Malcolm Conlan, recently posted on his Facebook account : Over the last couple of weeks, I seem to spend every spare moment of my day on FB replying to messages and FB posts over imaginary 'jobs' here in the UK. My eyes are becoming really strained.

There are no jobs here for anyone from the Philippines unless they are directly recruited from PH. So no NHS Trusts, shipping companies, airlines, etc. may recruit directly.

But words of warning, if you have to pay any fee whatsoever at ANY stage then it's fake.  If they really want you, THEY will be the ones to pay.

Oh well, I guess if I can save one Filipino from shelling out hard earned money bound for fake job agencies either in Africa or Eastern Europe, then this warning is worth it for sure. 

NB. Burkina Faso is not in London.


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