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British Man deems Davao City as an Awesome Place

Davao, you now have a special place in my ❤️

Last week, I had the absolute pleasure of visiting Davao for the first time. As most of you know, I am passionate about the Philippines and her people.

I also truly believe that the Philippines is is in very safe hands under the exceptional leadership of President Rodrigo Duterte. You see, I can see that the President is a humble man, a man of his word and a leader who only wants the very best for the Filipino people.

I decided some months ago, that I wanted to visit the home town of the President, Mayor Tatay Digong as he is fondly called. I had heard that Davao was very safe and a well resourced and progressive city.

I 100% agree. As soon as I arrived at the Francisco Bangoy International Airport last Monday, I could see that I was in for a real treat. Everyone was warm and smiling. My cellphone battery had nearly run out and when I asked if I could charge it somewhere, I was greeted with a friendly smile and positive response, nothing was too much trouble.

My companion for the day was a friend who I had met last year in a Ffilipino event in London, Darling Baquiran and her wonderful family.

I was met at the airport by them and we were driven into town by their driver for the day. The first thing I picked up on was the absolute insistence by the driver to wear my safety belt.
To be honest, when I am in the UK, I would always wear my safety belt when in a vehicle without exception.

However, having been to the Philippines 50 times, combined with the fact that some cars don't even have safety belts fitted, I have come to accept the fact that I don't need to wear one 😄

Was I wrong, totally correctly, our driver wouldn't start the car until I had put it on. I asked him about this and he simply said that Tatay Digong taught us discipline when he was mayor.

This is just one of the many excellent safety initiatives I noticed. I only wish that safety belts would be compulsory in all vehicles in the Philippines.

I also noticed that the city was very clean and well managed. The traffic flow was moving well and I noticed that everyone seemed to have a purpose and not just sitting around getting bored.

In the afternoon, I was invited to an interview about my love of the Philippines by Sun Star Davao newspaper. On the journey we needed to check the address on my phone, I noticed that the internet was very good. Much better than in Manila in fact 😂

After being interviewed by the newspaper, I was given a Davao yearbook which I have yet to read, but gives me a bit more history of Davao and the President. Sadly I didn't get time to visit the emergency services, nor the house of the President. However, I did get to visit House of Hope at the Southern General Hospital. 

This is a accommodation facility at the hospital, where children can stay whilst they are having treatment for cancer. They have excellent facilities, however they rely on donations to look after the children and provide for them. I was able to make a donation and also pass on a Donation from a friend in London towards their work.

In fact, I had been invited to the House of Hope by Darling Baquiran and family. She personally arranged a small Jolibee party for all the patients and families. With the official Jolibee mascot. Darling's family also entertained the children through singing and dancing.

All the parents were very grateful. This personal act of kindness by Darling, who incidentally is from Davao went a long way to helping the children feel better and more positive. In fact Darling personally supports a number of causes in Davao and also feeds other children in feeding programs. Darling and family are really an inspiration.

I was able to attend the Araw Ng Dabaw last night and found once again, everyone was so friendly and welcoming, warm and happy.

Maraming Salamat po Davao, until next time.

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