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DON'T Let Your Child Into The Car With A Winter Jacket – This Is Why!

A timely winter reminder to all my friends and readers.  Parents can also make mistakes which may end up costing the lives of their children. In the video below, you will be learning one of the things to avoid during winter.

As someone working in Emergency Services, I see a lot of crashes every now and then.  Please take note of this.  There is a danger when you let your small kid in the car with a winter jacket. That is according to crash tests which were done and revealed that a lot of space if left by a kid wearing the jacket, something that is so dangerous.

If your worry is about the kid getting cold while in the car, then an answer has been provided for you. Just strap the seat belts while kid is not wearing the jacket and then cover him using a small blanket or the jacket to keep him/her warm. Please watch the simulations provided in the clip below and see the supporting facts.


Malcolm Conlan is a British Man with a Pinoy Heart.  He works with Emergency Services.


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