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"A Second Chance" Shows In London

Congratulations Star Cinema, ABS-CBN and of course the whole cast and crew of 'A Second Chance' on your successful screenings in Europe in mainstream cinema!

Just finished watching 'A Second Chance' in Vue West End cinema, reminded me of being back home in one of the Malls in the Philippines, there I was queuing up for popcorn, my ticket and drinks to watch the much awaited screening of a sequel to 'One More Chance' the first installment of the lives of Popoy and Basha. A couple in love of course, but also a couple facing real life, working together to build a life and future together, through good times and bad, in sickness and health together forever.

I have had the privilege of meeting Bea and John Lloyd on several occasions and I can truly say that they are both very professional, highly skilled actors who work exceptionally hard to give the audiences then best they can, both Bea and John Lloyd are also humble, down to earth and caring. Even way back when they made one of their first movies together, 'Two Hearts', you could see that they have this chemistry on screen. 

In fact I had the chance to ask Bea about that movie and her work with JLC at a special international press conference from Manila last week and as Bea said, over the years, both her and John Lloyd had been working very hard on their own projects, crafting their skill and improving. I even asked Bea if she still watched those early movies, she told me that she gets really embarrassed watching her early movies, she compared it looking through old photos of when you were younger that you didn't want anyone to see lol.

That's just how they are, both humble, always trying to work hard to give their audience their very best, in 'A Second Chance', they certainly delivered, this was a very emotional, clever story of love, trust, honesty and giving marriage and love a Second Chance, One More chance...


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