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British Man Writes To The Daily Mail In Defense Of Filipino Nurses

British national, Malcolm Conlan recently wrote to the Daily Mail about the stories it ran regarding the Victoriano Chua Case.

To: Daily Mail Managing Editor
Subject: Why we should all be proud of our Filipino nurses

I have been deeply disturbed and worried over the recent coverage of the Victoriano Chua case by the Daily Mail and the constant references to his nationality.

I am of the opinion that the nationality of Chua is totally irrelevant. Would it have made any difference at all to those who he tragically killed and poisoned if he had been from any other nationality?

A crime is a crime, Chua should spend the rest of his life in prison, even then its not long enough. His crimes and indeed wicked acts have caused Filipino nurses all around the UK to experience racial discrimination. I have had reports from nurses who have been spat at, sworn at and even asked if they are related to Chua!. I also have been sent information that before starting a shift at a new hospital, some Filipina nurses have been asked what their nationality is?

Although I have no issues with nurses being asked during general 'getting to know you' conversations, but for it to be the first question asked as you walk through the door is concerning.
Becoming a nurse in the Philippines as others have reported is not easy, first there are the 5 years of study, compared to the UK where the course is 3 years. I am not saying our British nurses are any less qualified, I am just making the point that becoming a nurse in the Philippines is not easy. Then once qualified, it is very difficult to actually get any practical ward experience, I have been sent stories of nurses actually having to pay hospitals for the right to volunteer, such is the shortage of places.

When I was 19, I became sick whilst in the Philippines as was admitted to the Makati Medical Center. I was taken care of by Filipino nurses. I was washed, helped to dress and indeed nursed by many nurses. All took great care of me, all got to know me and I felt really privileged to be looked after.

I believe we are very grateful in the UK to have Filipino nurses here. You see leaving the Philippines to work abroad is often not a choice, but a necessity due to the lack of jobs and financial hardship experienced by many in the country.

Leaving your family and loved ones is already a massive sacrifice, coming to a foreign country, initially with no friends, working very long shifts, often with no break all to support their families and send money home each month.

With all of this in mind and the 300 million pounds a year which UNISON estimate that we save by employing Filipino nurses as opposed to using agency nurses, I believe the Daily Mail should get behind our Filipino nurses, instead of making their lives difficult and indeed exposing them to racist attacks as has been reported to me by Filipino healthcare workers around the UK.

The photo was taken at a London hospital recently by some nurses who as you can see have such lovely smiles and are genuinely lovely people. Thank you for the photo op.

I will not rest until the Filipino nurses and indeed the Filipino people get the apology they deserve.


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