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British Man Speaks on Qualities He Most Admires In Filipinos

What are the qualities of Filipinos I most admire?

1. Hard working

You wouldn't generally see many Filipinos claiming benefits, Filipinos like to work hard to provide for their families. Nor have I ever seen a Filipino sitting around on a wall with a can of larger in London!

2. Resilience

Filipinos seem to have determination to succeed even in the face of extreme difficulties. I would give the example of when typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines so badly just over a year ago. So many Filipino groups came forward to raise funds for rebuilding, those in the Philippines who were short of food and even water still battled for survival, even smiling along the way, that fighting spirit and determination.

Some may have given up with no shelter, but no, they helped each other to clear the roads, build temporary homes and try to do all they could to rebuild.

3. Smile

Whenever I have visited the Philippines, I have always been greeted with smiling faces and a lovely welcome. A genuine concern as to how I am and what could be done to make my day better. In my opinion, the Filipino people are one of the happiest people in the world even though the Philippines has its fair share of difficulties, the people are always smiling.

4. Caring

Many Filipinos are employed around the world in caring roles. Working in care homes, hospitality, the hotel sector, customer services, as doctors. Nurses, paramedics, and health care professional roles. Whenever I am in the Middle East, I am always struck by how many Filipinos are employed in customer service positions.

5. Respect for family and elders

Filipinos seem to have the attitude that family is paramount. In fact it seems to be destiny for millions of Filipinos to leave the Philippines and seek work abroad as OFW's or Overseas Filipino Workers to provide for their families and send money back home. In the Philippines and indeed Filipinos around the world still address their elders as Kuya or Ate, Mom, Tita or Tita etc. this to me demonstrates respect for elders. Something which I believe is so important in society.

7. Providing for one's family/sending money back home

There are some 11 million OFWs around the world. Why is this the case? Life in the Philippines can be tough unless you have a good job or come from a rich family. There is no welfare state in the Philippines, nor free healthcare.

There is of course some government support in place in the form of healthcare cards to those who are very poor and some other help, but for many, if they are unable to find a job back home, they try to seek employment overseas. Each month they send money back home to their families. This seems to be the sworn duty of millions of Filipinos worldwide and one which must be admired and respected.

8. Sense of community

Every year, I notice so many parties and social events, so many Filipino groups and associations, holding summer parties, spring parties, Valentine's Day events, summer balls, Christmas parties, beauty Pageants, Days out to the seaside, coach trips etc.

Filipinos have a great sense of community, coming together, sharing foods and generally
celebrating life together. This sense of community again is something to be respected and admired.

There are probably many more examples of positive traits of the Filipino people, of course some may try to find fault or say that other races have the same or better qualities, that's not what this article was about, it was for me kind of a public declaration of why I personally believe that the Filipino people are a lovely, caring, happy people.


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