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Shocking rise in cost of travel in London

Shocking rise in cost of travel in London

Was just about to plan to go up to London today to see the last of the Christmas Markets, however my eagerness came down to the ground with a crashing thump due to the shocking cost increase of a one day travelcard zones 1-4 from £8.90 to nearly £11!!!

This will severely limit families on a low income for going out as a family to London. It will mean that a family of 4 would now have to pay over £30 just to travel to London!!!

This will limit the opportunity for young people in London to learn about their culture and history as travelling to London has simply become affordable for many. A very sad day for families in London.

Thank you Boris Johnson, Mayor of London for once again making life difficult for Londoners on a low income. Combined with your recent charging for watching what should be a 'free' firework display on New Years Eve like it is for the majority of countries around the globe, you are rapidly turning London into a very sad place to live for those who voted for you.

As I said in my recent letter to you, which you did not reply to, how did you spend New Years Eve? Did you have to spend £40 for your family to watch the fireworks? Do you have to pay over £30 to take your family for a 'free' day out? I expect not.

Malcolm Conlan, a concerned Londoner


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