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Meeting Miss Saigon

I have always been a fan of Miss Saigon, first time I got to watch it was when it first opened at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane with Jonathan Pryce as the Engineer, Simon Bowman as Chris and of course the awesomely talented Lea Salonga as Kim.

Since then, I have seen it well over 50 times, including watching the new production at the Prince Edward Theatre several times. Was also present for the 25th anniversary gala performance. I got to see a reprise of the truly incredible duet of 'Movie in my Mind' with Lea Salonga and the sensational Rachelle Ann Go.

Rachelle is currently playing the role of Gigi Van Tran in the new production. Some have commented that she should have played the lead role of Kim. I strongly disagree. I believe Movie in my Mind is such an important song, it's a real show stopper. When Rachelle belts it out night after night with her outstanding voice, it adds so much to Miss Saigon.

Rachelle is already an incredible recording artist back home in the Philippines. I believe that playing Kim night after night would really take it out of her. I am also of the view that she would have become tired of playing Kim eight times a week. I also believe that Cameron made the right decision in casting another 17 year old Filipina in the role. It has given both Tanya Manalang and Eva Nobledeza an incredible opportunity, whilst fulfilling a dream of Rachelle to be in Miss Saigon.

Every time I have met her, Rachelle has always been so sweet and friendly. Even though being on stage each night must be hard, she always has time for her fans.

During the 25th anniversary gala, we were all in for an incredible treat when she took movie in my Mind up an octave to showcase her sensational vocal ability, even surprising Lea!

Was a great experience to have met Rachelle a few times now, she is even starting to recognise me haha. I can see why she has so many adoring fans worldwide. More power and God bless your career, Rachelle you are incredibly talented, yet humble and a real inspiration to Pinoys worldwide.

Mabuhay at maraming salamat po.


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