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An Open Letter to the Prime Minister of Singapore, His Excellency Lee Hsien Loong

Dear Sir,

I am sorry to have to write you once again over my concerns regarding the treatment of Filipino Workers in your country.

I am aware of a recent letter to you from one of your citizens Jafri Basron over his concerns over the number of Pinoy's employed in your country. In it, he states that he believes that 'The presence of Overseas Filipino Workers in Singapore is causing social problems and resentment from locals looking for work'

I know several Singaporean Nationals who employ Filipinos as domestic helpers in their homes. All of which tell me that these Filipinos work very hard and do an excellent job. The point is, if there is a shortage of jobs in Singapore, why aren't these domestic helper positions filled by fellow Singaporean citizens?

I believe that Filipinos have the right to gain employment anywhere they choose to work, if your citizens decided they no longer wish to employ Filipinos and instead their fellow countrymen then that is their choice. However, whilst their is a demand for hard working Filipinos in your country this should continue to be supported by your government.

I did note with concern the letter apparently from a Filipino nurse where he apparently made offensive remarks against Singaporeans, if this was really written by a Filipino, then I am concerned about this, I am also concerned to hear claims by Jafri Basron that some Filipinos have resorted to offensive remarks towards Singaporeans.

I am calling on Filipino netizens to show restraint in these difficult times, likewise when I wrote my last letter to you, I received many hundreds of rude, racist comments towards me from Singaporean citizens about my marriage to a Filipina calling me a dog and such like.

I do believe in freedom of speech, I also believe therefore that I am also welcome to express my views, my biggest concern and one of the reasons for my letter is the concern by Jafri that Filipinos are not professional in their jobs.

I have been involved with the Filipino community for some 20 years and my overwhelming experience has been of a hard working, professional people who are employed as Doctors, Nurses, Engineers and even airline pilots, as well as of course nannies, domestic workers etc. If they are not professional, why are they hired to work in such important jobs worldwide?

Sir, I am calling on you to introduce laws banning racism and bad treatment towards OFW's.
Finally, Jafri points out that your government should lessen jobs for OFW's, again this would be fine if your own citizens would be happy to do those jobs currently being carried out by Filipinos.

Respectfully yours,

Malcolm Conlan
London, UK


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