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Meeting Piolo

I have always been a fan of Philippine TV and Film. The first Star cinema movie I watched was around 9 years ago called 'My first romance' staring Heart Evangelista and Jon Prats. The second movie was 'Two hearts' with John Lloyd and of course the one and only Bea Alonzo. (I'm quite a fan haha)

Since then, I have probably watched over 20 Star Cinema films. It's pretty cool to see these movies on DVD and then actually get to meet the artists!!

I have had the pleasure to meet:

Bea Alonzo
John Lloyd Cruz
KC Concepcion
Gabby Concepcion
Daniel Padilla
Kathryn Bernado
Vhong Navarro
Vice Ganda
Angelica Panganiban

All of whom have been wonderful and actually still remember me. Still star struck.  LOL!

I have to say one of the most charming and funny artists I have met is the incredibly talented and charming Piolo Pascual. As well as meeting Piolo in London, got to meet him in Yorkshire. In a lovely town called Ripley. I actually got to walk around the town with him and got to chat to him. Also had dinner on his table as well, he is so charming.

In fact, one of my wife's best friends, Magielyn is also a big fan and he actually agreed to greet her over the phone. I heard her screaming in the background. Was so funny, in fact Piolo had to move the phone away from his ear as she was so loud lol. When she went on to get married, Piolo actually signed her wedding greetings card which was simply incredible.

I guess I had the pleasure of meeting Piolo around 5 times now, whenever I go back home and watch shows at ABS-CBN, Piolo always takes the time to acknowledge me when he sees me. Also got to meet his mum, who is also lovely.

Piolo is also a very versatile actor, he can play the tough guy as well as the romantic type.

I have and always will be a loyal kapamilya and a massive fan of TFC. Thanks ever so much ABS-CBN for helping to bring happiness to the lives of Pinoys worldwide.

Yours Truly,

Malcolm Conlan
Pinoy at heart

Malcolm Conlan talks about a little gesture which may lead to a big change.



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