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Pusong Pinoy Season 4 Special Guest : Angelica Berrie of the Angelica Berrie Foundation

LONDON, England - I am pleased to have with me on Pusong Pinoy Series 4, the Filipina-American Philanthropist, Angelica Berrie, of the Angelica Berrie Foundation.  Ms. Berrie has been featured in noted magazines like Forbes, and is an author of a book on philanthropy.   This Sunday, she shares about her latest project, the Negros Season of Culture, and how she came around to spearheading this fantastic effort.

Joining me in the studio tomorrow will be my long time friend, Lloyd Tronco, who is a Media Strategist and advertising professional in the Philippines.

Join us on November 8, 2020, Sunday, at 2PM UK time (10pm Philippine Standard Time) via Facebook on the MalcolmConlanPage, and YouTube on PusongPinoywithMalcolmConlan.

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