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"On my Blog, Fil-Event.com" by Malcolm Conlan

My Google Adsense problem has come back to haunt me. One of my biggest regrets in life.

Just to give a bit of history as to what led up to this massive problem I now face, back in 2010, I used to run a Filipino events website, www.fil-event.com. I used to advertise Filipino events around the world. This was really in the days before event advertising become popular on FB.

My website was number one in the world when you entered the search term ‘Filipino events’. I set up an Adsense account in 2010, so that I could run customised banner adds on the site.

In those days, I was forever changing my phone, always tried to get the latest phone and didn’t really bother to port over my number. I didn’t have a business as such, therefore keeping the same number wasn’t so important to me. I always went for the best airtime package etc, as a result I probably had around 10 numbers in total.

When I set up Adsense back in 2010, I wasn’t really that good on the internet or technology savy. I gave one of my numbers as a reset code should I forget my log in details.

I know the last 2 numbers of that phone number and have spent the last 7 days, almost night and day searching for that number, but to no avail. I hoped that if I found that number then someone else may have it and I could somehow call it.

In 2013, I had completely forgotten that I even had an Adsense account as I had a new website platform at that stage and I therefore opened up an Adsense account, again I didn’t really store the details of it, I just needed it to install on my site. Again, I was able to log in etc as I did so frequently and could remember the details.

Several years down the line, YouTube had really taken off and begun to hear stories that people has been able to use their YouTube income to help others, like the Hungry Syrian Wanderer based in the Philippines and this was something that appealed to me.

Also, so many people over the years had been basically grabbing my videos off FB, some of which had been receiving hundreds of thousands of views!!

It dawned on me only a month or so ago that if they could do it and make money, why couldn’t I do the same to help realise my passion and vision?

So, there I was, with the support of my many followers on Facebook, not only did I manage to gain the minimum required 1,000 subscribers on YouTube to be eligible to monetise, I gained 5k followers in a week!

I knew that you needed 4,000 viewing hours to monetise, that’s equivalent to 240,000 minutes watched. That seemed like a massive target, but I worked out that if most of my subscribers watched one or two videos I would make it. So far, in 2 weeks, I got 6k viewing hours, so applied to be monetised.

Then, I struck an iceberg, Adsense does not allow you to have more than one Adsense account. I had 2.

I have managed to reach out to google, even wrote to the CEO office, they have said there is nothing they can do.

Although I am entering the right email address on the Adsense login page AND google are actually sending me a verification code to the email I used to set up the account, combined with the fact that I have actually been conversing with Google from that email address, so it’s clearly me, the messages I keep getting is that we are unable to verify you.

Then I get a critical red security alert to that same email address where Google have been talking to me, saying that they can’t verify me.

I don’t have the same device I used to set up the Adsense account anymore, this was like ten years ago, laptops don’t generally last that long. Then Google asks you to use the same WiFi, who keeps that same WiFi? Nowadays, we all go for the latest of best deal. Meaning to say I have none of the ways of verification.

As much as I don’t want to admit failure, I guess due to my poor record keeping, I have failed to monetise my channel. So my advice would be to always keep full records of everything you do on online, always port over your Mobile phone numbers and always keep a note of all your Adsense account information.

Hope this helps someone, or one day even me. Maybe someone has some miracle suggestion I hadn’t considered?

Thanks so much

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