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Shocking Story Confirmed : British National Passes Away In Cebu

I am in great shock as I read this story posted on the Facebook wall of a gentleman who goes by the name of Byron Garcia from Cebu.  I have not had the time anymore to ask the permission of Mr. Garcia to post this on my blog, but since the settings have been for public viewing, I know he would not mind my sharing the story.  I am both shocked and saddened with this event.  

SHOCKING STORY CONFIRMED! (as posted by Byron Garcia, June 15, 2020)

This British National was named Barry Grote and sad to say, he died alone with no relatives in Cebu. Yesterday, June 14, 2020, at around 1PM, Barry complained he had difficulty breathing to the management of OASIS Condo and some friends, so an ambulance was called and was picked up immediately thereafter. When the ambulance reached the nearest hospital, Chong Hua Mandaue, they were denied treatment and were told to proceed to Chong Hua Hospital Fuente, so the ambulance had to go there.

When the ambulance reached Chong Hua Hospital Fuente, they were not received at the ER and were just made to wait from 2PM until 10PM. With no alternative, the patient just waited patiently inside the ambulance and had to wait for any word from the management of Chong Hua Hospital, whether he would be admitted or not. The British national passed the time talking to the ambulance crew the whole time (2PM-10PM) until later, he suddenly went into cardiac arrest. The crew immediately tried to revive the patient by doing CPR and ACLS (advance cardiac life support) while they informed dispatch of the situation. When an officer of the ambulance company arrived, he appealed to the doctors to treat their patient but was refused by two doctors at the ER saying THEY WERE JUST FOLLOWING ORDERS AND PROTOCOL. PASTILAN (OMG)!

While the ambulance crew were still reviving the patient, the Chong Hua doctors and nurses just stood and watch as the patient was hanging on to dear life.

The ambulance officer pleaded the Doctors as the patient needed hospital emergency. At this point the ambulance officer was already surrounded by 5 security guards ready to tackle him. This created a commotion prompting the Hospital medical supervisor to come out of his office and talked to the ambulance officer, after a while, ordered the stretchers out and fetch the British National. But it was too late, he was clinically dead when ER staff fetched him outside the ER compound.

PS: A Caucasian friend of Barry was contacted by the OASIS CONDO management around midnight apparently he is out of the country. A certain Lenny Mills and 3 other friends are currently negotiating with the hospital for his eventual discharge/ cremation soon as they are still contacting his family.

Someone please explain to me why this is so in the Philippines?

Update : Mr. Tim Murray made a note on my Facebook page to give this narrative :

On Sunday, Barry Grote, a British national, was taken by his friends in an ambulance to a private hospital after he complained he had trouble breathing.

One of Grote’s friends was presented a bill amounting to P39,000 for the 30-minute attempt to resuscitate him.

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