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British Ambulance Worker Asks : Will The Philippines Have A Health System Like Britain?

Isn't it about time the Philippines achieves a NHS like in Britain?

Have been thinking this morning, how fortunate we are to have a National Health Service here in the United Kingdom. An NHS which offers treatment based on clinical need and not whether you are rich or poor.

In fact, even if you are a millionaire, you would be offered the same treatment as a person who is homeless and on benefits. We are so lucky not to have to base the decision on whether to have treatment or not on financial considerations. Whether or not you can afford to even stay in hospital or afford to see a doctor?

Now compare this to the Philippines, which incidentally has a first class, highly skilled workforce and professional healthcare system, however unlike the UK, its not free. I know this through personal experience, which I believe gives me the right to share my experience. A few years back, I became sick and was fortunate enough to have private medical insurance. I was transferred from a provincial hospital to Makati Med. I got fantastic treatment, however I had to pay a bill. Luckily this was covered by insurance, however it was still stressful having to sort out the insurance and see the bills mounting up. I do remember distinctly the wife of the guy in the next room, telling me, following her husband having suffered a heart attack, all their savings, business and properties had been wiped out to pay the costs.

Of course if you were lucky enough to have been born into a wealthy family or political family, you would end up also in Makati Med ot probably more likely St Luke's. However the difference is, your bills would be covered. In fact even if you were a prisoner awaiting trial, you might still be housed in St Luke's free of all costs.

Just wondering how nurses from the Philippines feel here, when they know they can offer advice or support to their patients here, knowing they can have access to the best healthcare without having to ask the patient to pay for it. I expect it must be much better.

You see right now, I have my own situation and experience to draw from, my own worries... So once again, we are so fortunate to have a free NHS, long may it continue.

Hoping and praying also that just one day, the Philippines and Filipino people could achieve a NHS of their own, so that scenes like that in the photo would be a thing of the past.

After all, we owe the Filipino people that much after relying on their skills for so many years abroad.


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