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British Man Writes To Member of Parliament In Defense of Filipino Workers

An Open Letter to the Home Secretary, Rt Hon Theresa May MP, Home Office, UK
Dear Theresa,
This year, I will be campaigning against proposed new immigration rules which are due to come into force in April 2016, which would mean that Non-EU migrants including Filipino Workers who have spent more than five years in the country would be required to earn £35,000 per year or face deportation from the UK.

The UK relies on Overseas Filipino Workers as well as migrants from other non-EU countries to work in our care homes, schools, hospitals and even private homes, taking care of our elderly, young people, people with disabilities and others who require care they often selflessly provide. I am very much aware from my contact with the healthcare profession and also meeting many families up and down the United Kingdom and overseas, that Filipino workers are very much relied upon and highly trusted for their caring attitude and hard work.

According to a report in the Guardian in 2014, 'The Philippines provided the highest number of qualified nursing, midwifery and health visiting staff with a total of 8,094 out of 309,529, I am sure the figure is now much higher. This does not include the thousands of Filipino workers in people's homes and indeed care homes providing care 24/7, according to British Government rules, from April 2016, we face losing them, which I believe would be a great tragedy for the people of Britain. If you visit any hospital or care home all around the UK, you will often see many Filipino workers, in fact our British Student Nurses are often mentored or coached by Filipino health care professionals, we need to act now to save them and indeed the potential collapse of the National Health Service if it is to lose its Non-EU migrant workers.

I am calling on the British Public to join me in my campaign to fight any deportation of any Filipino worker due to these new immigration rules.

Yours Sincerely,

Malcolm Conlan
(Concerned British Citizen, UK)


Malcolm Conlan is a British Man with a Pinoy Heart.  He works with Emergency Services.


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