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The remaining Philippine Holidays for 2015

Hello Everyone!  As the Independence Day Weekend draws to a close, I would like to update you with the remaining Philipine Holidays for 2015:

August 21 (Fri) - Ninoy Aquino Day
August 31 (Mon) - National Heroes Day

November 1 (Sun) - All Saint's Day
November 30 (Mon) - Bonifacio Day

December 24 (Thu) - Additional special non-working day
December 25 (Fri) - Christmas Day
December 30 (Wed) - Rizal Day
December 31 (Thu) - Last Day of the year

The national holidays for the observance of Eid'l Fitr (Feast of Breaking the Fast or end of Ramadan) and Ediul Adha (Feast of Sacrifce) shall be announced after the approximate dates of the Islamic holidays have been determined with the Islamic calendar (Hijira) or the lunar calendar. So far, the estimated dates are: Eid'l Fitr on July 17 (Fri) and Ediul Adha on September 23 (Wed).


30th Negros Trade Fair "Truly Negros"
September 16-20, 2015, 
Glorietta Mall, Makati

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