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Malcolm's Goodbye to Junix Inocian

I was deeply saddened to learn of the passing of legendary Philippine actor Junix Inocian yesterday (June 13th 2015).  Junix was a well known tv and stage actor back home.  He touched the lives of many Filipinos through appearing on TV screens in the Philippines on the TV series Batibot (Made by the Sesame street team).  I first got to learn of Junix as I am a massive fan of Miss Saigon. Junix was a member of the original cast. When Jonathan Pryce left Miss Saigon having played the role of the Engineer since opening, Junix became the first Filipino or Asian actor to play the Engineer. Junix went on to make the role his own and shape the character today. Junix was a brilliant actor as well as lovely, warm, genuine man.. Over the years, I had become friends with Junix on Facebook as well as bumping into him at various fiestas and charity functions. Junix always greeted me with a hug and hello pare... Junix played many parts during his career, including some film, tv shows, comedy sketches and regularly work in pantomimes around the UK. Junix you are a legend, pare, RIP my friend... Deepest condolences to the family and all who knew him.


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