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"Here Lies Love" had a profound effect on me

A couple of nights ago, I was able to watch the final performance of Here Lies Love at the National Theatre.

I have always had an interest in the Philippines and not really known how I could channel that interest. Yes, I am married to a Filipina and yes, I have been to the Philippines many times, however, I have never really understood or indeed taken that much interest in Philippine Politics.

However, watching Here Lies Love, has left me with a burning desire to find out more about Philippine history. What really happened before and during the Marcos years, how did certain families in the Philippines gain their wealth?

Who married who? Are there any stories or truths we have not found out?

So, over the last couple of days, I have taken to intense reading, watching various YouTube videos from both camps, both trying to make me believe one side or the other.

Although my family are from the Philippines and I have a love and passion for the country, so far, I have not formed an opinion, I do not intend to comment on politics, it's hard to remain neutral, however, my thoughts and beliefs will remain private for now.

With Mark Bautista who played Ferdinand Marcos

I can say however that Here Lies Love is such a relevant and important work of theatre, not just because it focuses on the Philippines, but because it focuses on people power and the ability for people to invoke change, not through war, or violent actions, but through peaceful protest and standing United.

Hoping for the day when Here Lies Love returns to the stage again, I also hope that it is staged worldwide. It has left me with a renewed interest and desire to learn more about the country and people I am so fond of.

Malcolm Conlan


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