Miguel Syjuco

Miguel Syjuco

Ilustrado: the debut novel by Miguel Syjuco

Winner of the Man Asian Literary Prize

Published by Picador in hardback on 4th June 2010; 14.99

Brilliantly conceived and stylishly executed, [Ilustrado] covers a large and tumultuous historical period with seemingly effortless skill. It is also ceaselessly entertaining, frequently raunchy, and effervescent with humour

Pankaj Mishra, Judge of the Man Asian Literary Prize

It begins with a body. On a clear day in winter, the battered corpse of Crispin Salvador, the controversial lion of Philippine literature, is pulled from the Hudson River. Missing, too, is the only manuscript of his final book meant to rescue him from obscurity by exposing the corrupt roots of power behind the Filipino ruling families. His student, Miguel, investigates, journeying home from a city still in shock from terrorist attacks to a country caught between reckless decay and desperate progress. To understand his mentors death, Miguel scours the life, charting Salvadors trajectory via his poetry, interviews, novels, and memoirs. The literary fragments become patterns become stories become epic: a generations-long saga of revolution, familial duty, political intrigue, and a persons enduring struggle against their own worst tendencies.

This is a clever, bravura, and exuberant debut novel from a new literary sensation.

Miguel Syjuco was born in Manila, Philippines, in 1976. As well as winning the Man Asian Literary Prize, the manuscript of Ilustrado has been awarded the Grand Prize at the Palanca Awards, the Philippines highest literary honour.

His fiction and poetry have appeared in national publications and anthologies. He co-founded and edited an online publication, Localvibe.com. He has written poetry, fiction and journalism for national and international publications.

Miguel Syjuco will be in the UK on publication and is available for interview and to write features.

For further information please contact Sandra Taylor in the Picador Press Office on 020 7014 6093 or via email; s.taylor@macmillan.co.uk



Miguel Syjuco


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