The Haraya Visual and Media Arts Society (Hong Kong) is the body representing and advancing the artistic and professional interests of the Hong Kong-based Filipino visual and media artists.

The Haraya Visual and Media Arts Society (HVMAS) undertakes advocacy and lobbying, policy research, projects development, data collection and analysis pertaining to the field of visual and media arts in society. It will also provide expert advice, resources, professional representation, development and a range of other services for its members.


To work for the establishment and recognition of the Hong Kong-based Filipino visual and media artists as an important part of the general art scene in Hong Kong.

To promote cross disciplinary platform and embrace all kinds of visual and media arts, and seek input from various disciplines such as literature, critical theory, cultural studies, history, technology and sciences.

The society will aim to find a way to carry out its various activities through sustainable sponsorship and/or funding for both current and projected future projects and activities.

To advocate and lobby for equal opportunities and artistic rights in the fields of visual and media arts practice and thinking.
To promote intellectual property rights advocacy amongst its members. To provide information and educational activities for its members regarding the practices and existing public policies on intellectual property rights both in Hong Kong and in the larger global community.

To produce shows and to instigate collaborations that would be difficult to fit in the current structure and limitations of the general art scene in Hong Kong.
To provide a venue for unknown or emerging artists to present and discuss their works.

HARAYA is an organization where unknown and emerging artists can come together and meet with established members and affiliate artists for meaningful discussion and in-depth assessment of their works-in-progress. HARAYA is a platform for in-depth discussion of on-going artistic works and experimentations, and to promote free exchange of ideas.

To participate in both local and international arts fair and exhibitions. The society will apply for, organize, participate and attend international art biennials and art festivals. The society will aim to take the opportunity to show its members visual and media arts work to the most number of people who appreciate visual and media arts in general.

To continuously educate the members in the business and legal aspects of art, the practice and theory of curatorial works and to honed the members skills in organizing exhibitions and other visual and media art related projects through the holding of regular seminars, trainings, workshops, etc.

To enrich each other with the various skills and expertise related to our varied fields of artistic and professional practice. HARAYA will aim to collaborate with schools, universities and other educational institutions in carrying out such projects.





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