Elija Paul Villanueva - Our first ambassador at Fil-Event.com

Elija Paul Villanueva - Our first ambassador at Fil-Event.com

Elija Paul Villanueva

I have decided to include Elijah as our first Ambassador in our new section at Fil-Event.com. I have been inspired by the dedication Elijah has shown to his sister Myla who is currently battling cancer. Elijah recently organised a photo exhibition at the Philippine Embassy in London entitled Kulay to help raise funds as well as highlight the issue of childhood cancers.

I believe Elijah is an outstanding role model to Pinoy's around the world and therefore I am honoured to include Elijah as an ambassdor in the community.

I would also encourage my supporters of Fil-Event.com to reach into your pockets if you can and donate to the fund which Elijah has set up at www.mysistersbattleismybattle.com

He is no ordinary man. A freelance photographer, a disc jockey (DJ) with his own program, Buhay Abroad, at Radyo Pilipino UK, youth leader and is the incumbent Mr. Philippines-UK.

But to him, life then was never easy. He grew up in San Juan City, and was raised in a very practical type of living his father was a driver while his mother earned little from a small business.

To sustain his familys needs, his father went abroad and started dreaming big. Sadly, he was a victim of illegal recruitment and when sent home, he suffered on a severe illness and underwent heavy medication. Instead of being discouraged, this became his motivation to study well, with his aunts supporting his studies. Having his parents and these people around, he became so determined to work hard to pull their family out of poverty.

As a student, he was very active in participating into various school activities. He was a varsity player, a council president, a theatre actor and was even in the field of music and arts. He finished his secondary education in an exclusive private school for boys Aquinas School, San Juan City as a scholar of the Dominican priests and nuns. He never failed to show how grateful he was to them for graduated with flying colors. To continually support his studies, he applied for Government scholarships, worked part-time in a callcenter and even took his luck as an extra on few commercial shoots. His being business-minded started from selling cellphone accessories at school into having his own small store for school supplies. He entered college and took Bachelor of Science in Nursing in Dominican College, San Juan, Despite a very busy schedule, he still managed to maintain a good scholastic standing. He graduated as Cum Laude and garnered a lot of awards and recognitions.

Even then as a student, he had been engaged into social functions and activities for the youth all over the country. This gave him the chance to be shown on television and to become an anchor in a radio station through Condederation of Student Governments of the Philippines at AFP Radio Station. His big break as a student-leader came when he was chosen to represent the Philippines for an international youth event held in Korea. This rare chance enabled him to meet people of different races and let him mingle with high officials in Korea through National Youth Commission Philippines. What made it greater was when he was selected as the leader among 22 candidates.

May it be commonly said, but this man is a true manifestation of the saying, POVERTY IS NEVER A HINDRANCE TO SUCCESS He has this very strong will to work hard for his dreams, the courage to take the risk and go beyond his limits. Furthermore, he has a good heart. He is a primary sponsor to charities and youth events in the Philippines and really finds time to reach out to anyone in need. It is said to be his little way of being grateful to those he owed much of help before.

He finished Level 3 in Health and Social Care, now pursuing his Leadership and Management at Braintree, United Kingdom and currently lives in East London. Still a bachelor, successful and happy.

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Elija Paul Villanueva



Elija Paul Villanueva - Our first ambassador at Fil-Event.com


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