Althea Vega - Philippine Actress

Althea Vega - Philippine Actress

Althea Vega is an outstanding dramatic actress. I first got to know of her and her work through watching Metro Manila. In the film, Althea plays the role of the wife of Oscar, the leading male who in the film, who is forced to leave the provinces with his wife, (Althea Vega) and their children to seek a better life in Manila. Whilst in Manila, Oscar gets a job as cash in transit driver, the film deals with their struggles and shows the depths people are forced to go to due to poverty. Altheas portrayal of Oscars wife is truly a very crucial part of the film and she plays it perfectly. I have watched Metro Manila 8 times and it still makes me cry.

Althea Vega is a film, TV and theater actress who in essence is a shining example that there are no boundaries in dreams if you are willing to work hard for it. She has her heart set out in an acting career while still earning her degree in Mass Communication and juggling different work to support her education. Among which were acting in bit roles for TV and doing a multitude of other jobs to stand on her own feet independently. Her aim to finish her studies at the University of Perpetual Help System DALTA is a telling confirmation of how she values having a solid foundation before fully pursuing a dream.

She stepped into the limelight as one of the lead actress in the film Walang Kawala by acclaim director Joel Lamangan; of which she bagged a coveted role against a throng of other actresses who auditioned for the part. Another validation of her innate talent as an actress was when she was immediately asked to be a part of DMV Entertainments rooster of notable talents headed by well-known talent manager Manny Valera during her audition for the said film.

Since then, Althea has acted in a number of films some of which have earned accolades. Namely, the period piece film Kolorete and Mga Anino sa Tanghaling Tapat which both won the Special Jury Prize at the Cinema One Originals Film Festivals. In Mga Anino sa Tanghaling Tapat, she gathered considerable attention from film critics as a mesmeric femme fatale who boldly portrayed a strong powerful woman amidst a town beset by restricting cultures and myths.

A very noteworthy film that Althea has acted in as one of the main central character is the Metro Manila film by British director Sean Ellis. The film won the Audience Award for World Dramatic Competition Film at prestigious Sundance Film Festival 2013.

Althea was also one of the actors of the most awarded film of Cinemalaya Film Festival 2012 DIABLO by award-winning Filmmaker Mes De Guzman. The film won Best Picture, Best Director and the NETPAC award to name a few. She was also seen in ANG KATIWALA by Aloy Adlawan where she acted alongside Dennis Trillo.

Vega was also a part of Two Funerals helmed by another award winning director Gil Portes. She appeared in the mainstream movie Shake, Rattle and Roll 12 and the top-rated TV show Amaya. She has also starred in a string of independent films where she did varied roles that attest her keen willingness to stretch her acting repertoire.

Her major acting lead role so far is the dramatic period piece film AMOR Y MUERTE directed by Cesar Evangelista and written by Jerry Gracio. The said film was shown last July 2013 at the Philippines most popular and most esteemed film event the Cinemalaya Film Festival.

Althea Vega - Philippine Actress


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