Mary Vicente Sagorsor - please help find her

Mary Vicente Sagorsor - please help find her

My relatives name MARY VICENTE SAGORSOR left the Philippines in 1995 to work in Singapore, her family last heard from her in Febuary 1996 when the family received a last letter from her. From that time until now, they have not received any further communication with her until now.

Whilst working in Singapore she may have used the name Emy or Marlyn Martin or similar. Last month someone sent me a message, one of my kababayan working in Singapore, they retrieved a name Emy Martin one of three there from the ministry of manpower in Singapore.

One of the three Emy Martin had been there since 2000.and the two are newly in Singapore.

The son of Mary Vicente Sagorsor is still hoping that he will one day see his mother again.

Please contact if you have any information on the whereabouts of Mary, thanks so much. Whatever news whether negative or positive will be of benefit for the family. Thank you



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