Allen Russell Forest

Allen Russell Forest

Missing person - Allen Russell Forest

Karen Harding (previously Forrest) is searching for her Dad. His name is Allen Russell Forrest and his date of birth was 09.02.1950.

He was apparently put into a nursing home in Manila, but unfortunately we do not have any further details, the last photo she has of him was taken in 1971.

He moved from the UK to Bermuda in 1974, then he married a woman and moved to the Philippines in 2009. He had a son and a daughter to his wife, who are now studying in Boston, USA. We lost contact for a long time due to his location, and the first contact I received was that he had died, but they would not provide a death certificate or a place of burial/cremation so I cannot provide very much more information than that.

If you have any details regarding the whereabouts of the father of Karen please email her at:



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