The Philippine Community Fund

The Philippine Community Fund


Our Mission
Everyone deserves a happy life, especially children.

Our goal is to permanently improve the quality of life for the poorest of the poor Filipino families who deserve a better chance.

We now provide education, nutrition, health, medical, and family enrichment programs regardless of religion, race, or political affiliation.

This is our mission We will never tire, never stop, and never give up.

Our Ethics

When it comes to the lives of our less fortunate brothers and sisters, our work has to be of the highest standard.

And this, we will abide by.

We will be held accountable for all our efforts, and be absolutely transparent to ensure that everyone will be able to know exactly what they need to.

PCF is registered with Charity Commission in the UK, Securities Exchange and Commission in the Philippines
and we have 501 3 status in the US.

Our Vision

We see a future where every Filipino child, and the rest of their family, have broken free from the bondage of poverty and are enjoying the benefits of a truly happy life. All of our actions and programs are dedicated to achieving this vision as quickly as is humanly possible.

U.K. Board of Trustees
CEO: Jane Walker MBE
Chairman: Elinor Perry
Treasurer: Peter Dawson
Secretary: David Berry
Trustee: Mike Lemon
Trustee: Steven Burnett

UK Employees
Sales and Office Manager: Claire Diola
Major Donor and Grant Manager: Ange Booker
UK Team Assistant: Jenny Wood

Philippine Board of Trustees
Chairman of the Board: Jane Walker MBE
Vice Chairman: Michele Dee-Santos
Corporate Secretary: Melissa Alipalo
President and CEO: Paul Anthony Harmston
Trustee: Becca Halliwell
Trustee: Mercedes Zobel
Trustee: Gerome Valdez Vizmanos
Trustee: Ronaldo Domingo

Philippine Senior Managers
Consultant: Domingo Taniegra
Head of Health and Nutrition: Tess Sarmiento
Head of Education: Elma Tulio
Head of Family Welfare: Elma Tulio
Head of Livelihood and Income Generation: Marcel Clado
Head of Finance: Linda Velarga
Head of Child Sponsorship: Owen Dorado
Head of Fundraising: Arlene De Vea
Maintenance Supervisor: Connie Malbog

US Board of Directors
President: John Henry Looney
Treasurer: Michael Stevens
Penny Stevens
Jane Walker MBE
Samuel Stevens

Jill Beckingham
Hon Edgardo Espiritu
US Representation: Sam Stevens

Registered Charity Number 1091581

Ange Booker

(+44) (0) 1489 790219


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