Scholars4Jesus is an Incorporated Non-Profit Organization 501(c)(3)
Federal Tax EIN: 26 4235548
State of California Organization Number: 3188974
founded in January 2009 by John Jalique and Myra S. Jalique.

With more than 1.5 million street children in the Philippines, these poor children are left to the streets as child laborers, beggars, pickpockets, and child prostitutes. As these numbers increase by the day, the cry for help has reached our ears. We ask that you help us be the hands that can change lives, provide hope and encourage a child to dream of a brighter day by providing them an education. Together we can open doors and free the children from the chains of poverty.

Our mission is to provide financial help to the children so that they can have the gift of education along with other educational necessities such as uniforms, shoes, backpacks, school supplies, and monthly stipends for school lunch meals and transportation to and from school.

In May 2009, Scholars4Jesus sponsored 40 impoverished children in the City of Olongapo, the Mountains of Tipo, Bataan and the Countryside of Castillejos, Zambales. Our goal is to encourage and disciple these children to become men and women who will have the knowledge and faith to change not only their lives and the lives of their families, but to become leaders that will make a positive change a Nation.

To accomplish this, Scholars4Jesus will provide after school tutoring programs with the help of churches, local government, and business owner and coordinate with local high schools and colleges, creating a volunteer tutoring program to assist our scholars. In appreciation our volunteers will receive a certificate of appreciation and completion for
the volunteer hours they have donated.

Partnering with business owners and local government to obtain additional scholarships, apprenticeship programs, field trips, and visits from men and women of different professions to encourage our students to dream and envision all the career possibilities that can be attained.

Our vision is to expand and reach out to the children living in the streets, the indigenous tribes called the Aetas, and the families living on the dump sites.

John Jalique

(408) 624-2397


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