Goodgrmnts - Fighting the world water crisis in proper fashion

Goodgrmnts - Fighting the world water crisis in proper fashion

Why Water?

There are an estimated 1 BILLION people without access to lifes most basic need, clean drinking water. A huge crisis, but the solutions are many.

Thats why we are teaming up with the good folks at charity: water to fight the world water crisis.

With every item purchased, we pledge to give 15 percent towards the charity: water relief efforts.

basic garments for a basic need.
Its that simple.

Here is where your money is going:

Good / Garments: Love Is The Answer Campaign -

In the midst of the third world, I found myself looking at the face of poverty. I was a young, living life without a compass, 18 year old High School graduate from the USA trying to find myself and purpose on earth. Used to the realm of easy access to anything my mind could think of, it was hard to capture the needs of the third world for my own acceptance. I didn't know how to necessarily accept the fact that people continue to live without access to lifes most BASIC need. I knew something had to be done. The only thing that weighed on my mind was, I know this much, I WANT TO HELP. But how?

For weeks, I didnt sleep well with knowledge that these kids were living under those circumstances. It was unbelievable. My heart was broken for them and as the days passed, the urge to help continued to grow.
I began to pray harder and ask God, What can I do to help these people? Im already lost myself, how could someone like me do the job?

contact me to find our how?

The sudden broken heart for these people maneuvered my life onto this path. The everyday surroundings, seeing these people not knowing if they would live another day, it was all in front of me for a reason. There was a reason why my heart&mind didn't sleep well at night. Once being a lost, premature minded american kid, I found my purpose. Doing what I LOVE to move FORWARD in life, but also making sure all my brothers and sisters in this world have the chance to do so as well.

So, here we are and I want to thank each one of you for believing in something that I hold close to my heart. As we all know, there are nearly 1 BILLION people without access to clean drinking water. Its a big problem, yes. But we have bigger FAITH. We can help push the world forward, but lets make sure we are ALL going. Leave no one behind.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

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