Jesus Miracle Ministries

Jesus Miracle Ministries

JMM is a church that is committed to training and raising ministers in the marketplace. It is Gods plan to raise up a great company of committed Christians whose destiny is to fulfill their membership ministry in the Body of Christ not from behind a pulpit, but outside the four walls building of the local church.

We believe that training in hearing the voice of God and ministering the gifts of the Holy Spirit is urgently needed to prepare God's people into advancing His Kingdom in the marketplace. He is releasing His people into the workplace, across the whole community, and He is building His Church in the businesses, hospitals, offices of trade, local and national government, education, media, entertainment, science and technology, finance, agriculture, communication, industry, transportation, court system and other segments of the society.

JMM meets at:

Jesus Miracles Ministries
Pilgrims Way Church Building
Pilgrims Way, East Ham, London E6 1HW

JMM's Office: 41 Wakefield Street
East Ham, Lomdon E6 1NG

Jesus Miracle Ministries

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