open letter of complaint to the BBC over coverage of the Philippine Olympic team

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Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to you regarding the coverage of the Olympics opening ceremony. Although I have to admit that your coverage of the whole event was excellent and very professional, I am very concerned over your seemingly lack of enthusiasm over the Philippine Olympic team.

My wife and family are from the Philippines and I can say that I am very passionate about my love of the Philippines and Filipino people.

When the various teams entered the opening ceremony on parade, I observed that the commentary team had many thing to say about the various countries, mentioning how many athletes in each team, the sports they were competing in etc. Also the camera showed every member of the team as they passed.

It is difficult to describe the excitement and anticipation which built up as we waited for the Philippine team to appear. I can also speak for many Filipinos around the UK and wider world, that they were also constantly tweeting and messaging on Facebook about the team.

When the Philippine team appeared, a very obvious 3 second silence appeared! Then the coverage was very poor indeed, there was no mention of all the sports the team were competing in, no mention of the number competing and worse of all, after 6 seconds, the cameras actually cut away and showed Sir Chris Hoy.

Of course being British, I am proud of his achievements, but was it really necessary to cut away from your coverage of the Philippine team, this has been very upsetting for Filipinos everywhere, it shouldnt have happened and I am asking for a full investigation and apology.

Words just cannot describe what damage this has done to the view of the BBC by the Filipino people!

Thanks and regards



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