my views on the Cyber crime law in the Philippines

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Although I am not a Filipino citizen, being married to a filipina, and being part of a filipino family, I feel it is my right and duty to express my views on the Cyber crime law. As I don't speak Tagalog, my understanding of this is limited however.

All I can comment on is my observations, I believe in Freedom of speech and know that Filipino's have always had freedom to protest if needed without fear of prosecution, just look at People Power!

I am also aware that many modern day protests and campaigns are via social media and websites. To me, it is within the rights of every Filipino to write and say whatever they want, protest how they wish and download whatever they want.

This is one of the powers of the internet and freedom of speech, it helps to tell the world about what is happening in a particular country and also can help oust rogue leaders and improve the quality of life for the citizens of that country, just look at what has been achieved around the world recently. Would there have been the same progress if the use of the internet had been restricted or even banned?

As long as no crime is committed and that anything which is downloaded is not owned by anyone else, I.e music, illegal mp3 sites and also movies which are not paid for etc. As these downloads are unfair on the artists as they don't get paid for any downloads obtained illegally. This is the same law as any other county in the world.

I don't know the full proposed law and have not seen it in detail, all I would say is that I support freedom of speech and expression.


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