my 3rd blog on my views of the BBC and their attitude towards the Philippines

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I am writing this open letter to once again express my dismay at the relentless campaign by the BBC to cause offence to the Philippines and its people. I am a British man married to a filipina, we have been married for 14 years and have 2 wonderful children.

I am very proud indeed that I am part of a Filipino-British family and feel that it is very important that my children grow up with a positive view of the Philippines and therefore am shocked that yet again the BBC has made a statement which is discriminatory to the Philippine people.

The article from in the Metro states:

Another branch of the BBC has come under fire, this time for apparent sexism

A Twitter post by BBC Cumbria asked whether men preferred Filipino women to Cumbrian women?

Why on earth would the BBC even want to know this and why does the BBC constantly want or need to refer to the Filipino people in a sexist or racist way?

I have needed to make 3 complaints so far in the way the BBC portrays the Philippines, when will they ever learn? As far as I am concerned, the BBC should really keep a low profile at the moment!

When will this organisation which forces us to pay a fee for their sexist and indeed racist view of the Philippines come to a rightful end?


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