The statement below is published on behalf of PNA-UK

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The statement below is published on behalf of PNA-UK

As Fil-Event is a website intended for the use of the community, I have been asked to publish a statement from PNA-UK

19 April 2012

The Philippine Nurses Association of the United Kingdom, as the official professional organization of Filipino Nurses in the UK, would like to make it clear that based on our official record of members, Jonathan Aquino is not a nurse member of the association.

While we are deeply saddened by this isolated and upsetting news. We would like to emphasize the high quality of nursing care provided for by Filipino nurses as evidenced in and experienced by the greater public. This is also highlighted and manifested in the high number of Philippine trained nurses employed by various government and non-government healthcare service providers in the United Kingdom and other countries.†

The Philippine Nurses Association of UK, as the official and recognized professional association of Filipino Nurses in the UK, would like to seek the general publicís forbearance and consideration in so far as quickly generalizing the same manner of nursing practice and behavior for the Filipino nurse at large. We are asking the public to refrain from making sweeping statements about any Filipino nurse or any Filipino for that matter. We believe that this is an isolated case and would like instead learn from it. Furthermore, we would like to ask that impartiality be given to any Filipino individual and any preconception on character, behavior or work ethics be suspended.

Finally, we would like to make it clear that Filipino nurses have been trained to the highest standards of nursing service and that members of the association are always reminded of and encouraged to practice the timeless values of excellence, honor and integrity in service. As highly esteemed members of the association, we will and will always be governed by our moral and professional integrity and values.†

Philippine Nurses Association of United Kingdom (PNA UK)


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