The Worlds most busiest maternity ward - Philippines

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Just finished watching This World The world's busiest maternity ward on BBC2 via BBC IPlayer. What can I say? Firstly thank so much to ‪#‎AnitaRani‬ on such a fantastic job presenting the episode in such a positive way. I believe this was an inspirational programme, giving us hope that life for all Filipinos can and will get better. Thank you for reporting in a fair and unbiased manner.

Yes this episode showed that life was still very hard in Tondo and showed the situation there, where people are still very poor, but even there, it was reported that the average number of children is decreasing per family. Rani did mention about the cost of contraception? What's happening with the RH Bill? Hasn't that come in already?

There is of course still a massive contrast between rich and very poor. To think in the public hospital, there are 5 to a bed in the maternity ward, surely this can't be right? Even caesarians in the public hospital are chargeable, what happens if a patient needs one and cannot afford it, what happens to the patient and the baby?

In contrast, they showed ‪#‎MakatiMed‬ where I have in fact been a patient over a couple of days a few years back, it's an incredible hospital, but with the average Caesarian costing close to 2,000 how many can afford it?The programme showed the birthing suite which is bigger than the average house! Again an amazing facility, but how many can actually afford to go there from Tondo?

Don't know what the solution is? I guess if everyone paid the proper taxes they are due to pay in the country, would that help and could this money be spent on better free education and resources for all, maybe even a better Public Health Service, free for all, like the NHS, is that affordable already?

In conclusion, I would say that I believe this was a very positive programme, which I think gave us hope that the Philippines is slowly, but surely moving in the right direction and I also believe this has been a very fair and positive programme by the BBC, I can only say well done to them and I am encouraging all our kababayan in the UK to watch on IPlayer, you still have 5 days left to watch!


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