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This is my first ever attempt a film review haha. Why have I decided to write one? Well this evening just had the great pleasure of being invited to watch a movie with one of the stars of the film!

As some of you might know by now, I am a big fan of all things Pinoy and am passionate about promoting my love of the Philippines and Pinoy talent and as one of the cast was the very talented actress Rhoda Montemayor, simply had to watch the movie!!

What did I think the new British comedy film, The Knot?

Absolutely loved it, laughed the whole way through! At a time where I think we all need cheering up as a nation, the movie really nailed it!

It portrayed the very stressful subject of the wedding and events leading up to it in a very clever and yet very funny and emotional way. I am not normally that fond of comedy films but actually thought it was very funny indeed.

The character of Rhoda, Anisha was introduced at a very early stage of the film and events leaded up to her very crucial first appearance, can't say more or it would spoil the movie, but I really do encourage all Pinoy's to watch the film as well as supporting British films, please also show your support for a brilliant British filipina actress with I believe, a very successful future. Rhoda is a member of the very well know Montemayor family, who very kindly invited to dinner with them after in Chinatown, had a most enjoyable evening, felt very privileged to have been invited!

To find out more about Rhoda please visit her website:

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