The Global Run 2012

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Cesar Guarin first Filipino global runner and the Father of Ultramarathon here in the Philippines.

He is 56 years old but can still beat young runners in distance running; grandfather of 2 and a father of 4 children on a quest to finish his solo run around the world and become the first Filipino (and Asian) to do so.

He is also the founder of Botak. One of the pioneer sports apparel manufacturer here in the Philippines. He is a veteran distance runner with decades of experience running around the world. Cesar is, by far, the only Filipino runner (and Asian) who holds the record for having the longest distance run.
- Already accomplished record holder in the Philippines of distance runs such as:

First Filipino to hold a record run from Zamboanga to Baguio run (2,251 km.)
First Filipino to hold a record run from New York to San Francisco run (4,960 km.)
First Filipino to hold a record run from Madrid to Paris then Brussels then onto Bonn then Zurich and finallyRome run (3,756 km.)
First Filipino to hold a record run from New York to Toronto run (1,272 km.)
First Filipino to hold a record run Melbourne to Brisbane run (2,053 km.) last October to December 2011

He is now preparing for his Stage 6: Finland to England run (2,262 km.).He is scheduled to run Stage 6 in Europe from May 27 up to July 14, 2012. He will start in Helsinki, Finland en route via Stockholm (Sweden), Copenhagen (Denmark), Oslo (Norway), Edinburgh (Scotland), and finally finishing in London (England). The total distance of the run is estimated around 2, 262 kilometers! To accomplish this of this one-of-a-kind mother of all distance running, he will run 45 - 60 kilometers per day for 2 months straight (usually resting only on Sundays or when there is an event for him).

After his stage 6 run, he will take on the most difficult challenge of distance running by doing Stage 7:Middle East run (2,222 km.). This stage stands out not only for its terrifying distance, but also for the intense heat, rough terrain and blinding sandstorms it throws.

His fame and experience in long distance running led him to mentor the first Filipina to run across the Philippines and USA, Joy Rojas and the famous running priest, Fr. Robert Reyes who ran a 40-day, 1,195 kilometer Visayas leg ultramarathon.

About Global Run

The mission of his global run is to strengthen the relationship between our country and the host countries where he will run by promoting sports tourism in partnership with the Department of Tourism.

His run serves as a tribute and a way to personally thank all the Filipinos abroad and the host countries (for stage 6, it will be Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, UK) for their valuable contributions in helping our countrys economy and for enriching our cultural heritage.

Our project is also supported by the office of the Philippine President through the office of the Executive secretary, Exec. Secretary Pacquito Ochoa Jr.

Activities planned during his stage 6 run are:
goodwill run w/ famous runner in each country
Courtesy visits with the mayors and ambassadors in each country
Fellowship with Filipino communities
Photo shoot and video coverages for media and promotions
fun run with the Filipinos in every region or cities with Filipino communities

Please help us get media partners there in Europe (magazine, TV networkfs, radio stations, newspapers) so we can better promote this one-of-a-kind ultramarathin with a mission.

For more information about this project, you can alos check our Facebook page by liking our page: The Global Run. You can also visit our website:


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