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I have heard so many Filipino's comment to me in the past that they are not to keen on some of the films coming out of the Philippines right now, some say they are want to watch something different. Well, sorry to see the lack of support for the Terracotta film festival, this is an Asian film festival from Terracotta media and Joey Leung.

Massive kudos to him for having the courage to showcase Filipino indie films over the weekend. I have been advertising them on Fil-Event as well as on social media. The first film, 'On the Job' had relatively good attendance but few Pinoy's, today's film, Tuhog again attendance was ok but few Pinoy's.

Anyway I am back to the ICA tonight to attend the next film in the Philippine Showcase. In a time when we must promote all that is good about the Philippines, if I am shouting alone it will be hard for the world to see, hope I am not fighting a losing battle, Pinoy's in the UK sorry to say but we really must make more effort to support our rich, exciting and vibrant culture, sorry to say.


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