Sending money back home with Azimo

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Sending money back home with Azimo

Needed to send some money to the Philippines yesterday to pay my website administrator in Davao. Decided I would try and use the services of Azimo, one of our recent advertisers and supporters of

Before I tried their service, I did inform them that once I had used the service I would write an honest review of my experience. Over the years I have sent money back home using a variety of methods, as I have Philippine bank accounts as well, I often send bank to bank as well.

I don't really want to make comparisons here of who offers the best service, all I can do is give an honest review and leave my readers to decide.

When I have sent money through various Philippine bank accounts in the past, you usually have to call them and often wait for a while to get through. I speak quite quickly so takes longer to get my message across. The fees for sending money are around £6.50.

Sending money by Azimo only costs £5 Have to say that £1.50 extra it costs by using another remitter is 100 pesos less that my beneficiary would receive in the Philippines!

Using Azimo is incredibly simple, firstly you can log in via your Facebook account and its 100% secure. If you are sending money to a friend or family member who is on Facebook you can request their details and inform them via Facebook when you have made the transaction!

To send money to a particular bank in the Philippines, there is a simple drop down menu which is very simple to use. Took me around 5 mins max to process the whole transaction. I asked my web administrator to let me know when she received the money.

Got an email this morning to say that she got the money into her account and all fine. In fact the first transaction was free!!!

If any of my readers and visitors of which to try using Azimo themselves, simply visit and use the code: FILEVENT, first transaction is free. Thanks guys!


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