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Artist: Jeffrey Cervantes

Tell me a little about yourself?

Im a British Filipino artist currently finishing my third and final year at the University of Brighton. Studying Critical Fine Art Practice, the course is mainly focusing on the critical and theorectical side of art. For me this has been a great experience in learning more about the main focus of my practice, Identity and the theories, issues and the British Filipino relationship to current contemporary society. Studying independently and exploring the writings of cultural theorists like Homi Bhaba and Stuart Hall, I have begun to focus my research into identity as a British Filipino artist and what that means in regards to multiculturalism and art.

Whats the latest project you are working on?
As we speak, Im currently working on my Filipino Parol for an exhibition in the SW1 Gallery in London. Sponsored by Philippine Generations, the exhibition consists of twelve artists.
Using their own skills and experiences to create exciting parols, the exhibition will be shown on 7th December through until January.

Do you get involved with the whole Filipino events scene?
Unfortunately I dont. The only events Ive been able to attend are Barrio Fiestas near to where I live in Milton Keynes and sometimes Hounslow, London.
I hope in the coming years more Filipino visual art related events happen, which I am sure will happen.
Hopefully there could be a Filipino Artists Organization in the near future!

Whats your favorite Pinoy dish?
I cannot set myself a favorite Pinoy dish!
Lahat sarap, di ba? Well Im a huge fan of Lechon Manok and Baboy, Abobo, Menudo, Afritada, Pancit Canton and... Dried fish with cold rice... Weird I know, but its so tasty!
I have a weakness for siopao baboy and hopia baboy too!

When was the last time you went to the Philippines and how was it?

I actually went this time last year, November 2009 to January 2010. It was an amazing experience and at the time being twenty, I got to experience the Philippines in a whole new level.
I travelled to Taal (Batangas) and Pooc Silang (Cavite).
Two contrasting environments, in Taal I loved the preservation of tradition and heritage through the buildings, the hustle and bustle of the tricycles and the Fiesta celebration for Christmas.
My father comes from the rural part of the Philippines in Silang, his part of the family have plantations. I do think preservation of agriculture is very necessary. It's amazing to see how they continue to maintain their land and how they grow fruit such as pineapples, papaya and bananas.
I also went to Cebu, which was amazing; they speak Visayan which is a totally different dialect to Tagalog. It was amazing to see the site of the national hero Lapu Lapu, exploring the fish markets of Talisay City and exploring the culture and tradition!
For British second generation Filipinos and for everyone visiting the Philippines I understand it is a whole new different experience. It shouldnt be a scary experience, far from it; it should be exciting and eye opening. I learnt so much about myself during my visit and took a lot of photography in which you can view on my website. I am still continuing to upload more, because I took 3,000 photographs!

Any other comments?
2011 will be more exciting experiences for me; Im trying to find more creative opportunities and hopefully keeping my eyes out for a creative job for after graduation in July 2011.



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