Q and A session with Filled Trip, one of the bands featured on Fil-Event.com

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Tell me a little about yourself?

Filled Trip is a 5 piece band thats only 8 months old. We came together as a group last september 10 ,2010 and from then on we have achieved and proud to say , accomplishments that most bands our age has never experienced or has done with their own bands and has established a strong Indie following!

Whats the latest project you are working on?

We have recorded 2 of our songs and we are working on a compilation album soon to be released late this year or hopefully early next year and also working on our own album but there are no fixed plans yet on when it would be released and under which label.

Do you get involved with the whole music scene?

As much as possible yes we do. We have good friends from the indie and mainstream scene which makes our involvement diverse and more often than we would wanted it to. Geepee is an admin for Indie Band News and Eksena Magazine which are two of the most influential and widely recognized official Indie News source and publication.

Whats your favourite Pinoy dish?

As a band we would say uhmm . . Adobo????

Any other exciting news to share?

We will be working on a compilation album and also working on our own album! And we are still out there spreading the Sound of KUSTOM amps every gig as one of its endorsers . All our schedules and Gigs are posted on our facebook page.Thanks and more power!

salamat guys!


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