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Port Mallillin was born in the capital city of the Philippines, Manila. He is the second in five children of Myrna Mallillin and Manuel Jun Mallillin Jr. a composer/musician in the Philippines, whose song compositions includes materials for various artists such as the Boyfriends, Renz Verano, Jessa Zaragoza, and Cristy Mendoza. Port attended South Thames College in London to study Performing Arts and Popular Music during the period of 1997-99. He initially became a drummer to a punk rock band called All You Can Eat. The trio band was involved in numerous charity events and raising awareness concerts around the nation before disbanding in 2000. In the following year, Port Mallillin co-founded a group called Fusing Naked (later renamed as Fusing Naked Beats), in which he evolved as a lyricist, lending rap verses to its debut album entitled Stolen Generation in 2004. In the year 2008 and 2009, Fusing Naked Beats was nominated for The Best Alternative Act and The Best Underground Act respectively in the UK Asian Music Awards.

Port Mallillin has created a label called Side Projects that was built upon the foundations of his cumulative creative repertoire throughout the years.

Side Projects will be releasing a compilation album called Side Projects Volume One in 7th May 2012, in which he was blessed by working with other renowned Filipino musicians like Abrakadabra, Nugroovz, and Me, Myself and the Machines.


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