Philippine Elections 2010

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Yesterday May 10th was a historic day for the Philippines, the first automated elections in the country. When any new system is introduced, there are always teething problems, but this seems to be a very positive step.

According to news sources, there seemed to be a lot less troubles during the election and less violence. I remember back to when I watched the last election coverage on TFC, the manual process seemed very drawn out and difficult. After less than 8 hours after the polls closed we have already found out who the new Mayor of Manila is, congratulations to Mayor Lim, we are also very close to finding out who the next president will be.

Nobody has come out yet and predicted who the next Philippine president would be, with Senator Aquino, leading at this stage by around 3 million votes, it seems clear who the next president will be.

Finally yes there were very long lines today to wait to vote, in some cases up to 4 hours and I am sure there could be some improvements however this is an excellent start!

It also seems that the election officials in the Philippines and Comelec have used common sense and allowed all those in the line to vote, the opportuntity to do so, the turnout seems to be around 75% which seems very good.

Many people here in the UK were denied the right to vote as polling stations over here closed exactly on time without any flexibilty. Well done to all those who worked so hard for a fairer Philippines.

As of 12:50am the following results have been declared for the leading candidates!

To date, B, Aquino 10,137,173

J, Estrada 6,413,712


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