Overseas Nursing Program (ONP)

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Overseas Nursing Program (ONP) Its not easy to get it, BUT it can be done!

There appears to be some confusion out there re ONP in the UK, maybe this will help.

1. Getting a NMC decision letter is fairly easy, just need evidence of;

a) IELTS minimum 7.0 on every discipline in the last 18 month

b) 12 months minimum proven RN experience in Philippines or country of origin

c) Hold a current RN card in Philippines or country of origin and BSc nursing

2. Getting an Approved University to do the ONP at reasonable cost is bit more difficult.

a) Just have to shop around and make sure the University is approved by the NMC and UKBA under Tier 4 Category A Highly Trusted Sponsor status

3. Getting an Employer Approved by the University to do the ONP is even more difficult

a) Just have to convince the employer its in their interest and that they can afford to pay the required level of pay under current immigration rules (32,500+ GBP) for non-degree posts and that they are a UKBA Tier 2 category A sponsor, or, if not,

b) Have signed onto having a student under the exclusive 2 year course offered via Global Resource Bureau Ltd, with no need for Tier 2 licence see Fil-event homepage for details.

4. Getting an Approved Visa to do the ONP legally and cost-effectively especially if you havent even got IELTS of 7.0 or need someone else to do the above for you Now thats a skill!

a) Just get in touch with Global Resource Bureau Ltd to find out how its done, but hurry, as interviews conclude on 20th July!

Hope this helps someone....AddedValue


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