Ooberfuse, a UK band to keep in mind - check their The Cure cover

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Ooberfuse, a UK band to keep in mind - check their The Cure cover
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26 May, 2011

A few weeks ago, we were tipped off by Side Line reader Catherine Nathalie Delaloye that there was an excellent UK act that we needed to have a listen at: Ooberfuse. Ooberfuse is a multi cultural dark wave lush pop rock band hailing out of London and they did touch the right chord when we listened to their material. Whereas the band says they bring together the very best of Western and Filipino musical traditions, we'd say that they are one of those acts that will appeal to the Cocteau Twin fans around.

The band is made out of the Philippine frontwoman Cherrie Anderson (Vocalist), Hal St. John (Backing vocals,synths and kulintang) Cornel Sorian (Synths, Glockesnspeiel, guitar, programming) while for live gigs they use an extra guitarist and synth player - Alex de Torrest - and a drummer - Michael Radermecker.

Ooberfuse was acclaimed the most original band and one of the best unsigned live musical acts in the UK at the moment during Live and Unsigned - a national band-search competition along with 10,000 other aspiring UK artists. Ooberfuse has recently collaborated with UK dance producers Dreamcatcher (Paul Castle) and Loverush UK! (Mark Schneider and Kinky Roland).

The band members arent exactly newbies when it comes to the music industry although they all come from different backgrounds. Frontwoman Cherrie for instance started singing at the age of 7, appeared on Philippine television and performed in front of capacity audiences. Hal is a singer / song-writer who has performed his own material in London venues and festivals. Hal wrote and performed the Big Issues song From a Sheltered Flame to capture musically the experience of homelessness on Londons streets. Cornel is a music producer who was a founding member of Romanian pop band Stigma that produced a number of albums and enjoyed Romanian chart success.

To give you an idea of how they sound, be sure checking their outstanding version of The Cures The Lovecats which displays the bands versatile approach. Further tracks can be heard here. Check out the band's site at www.ooberfuse.com .


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