My views on nursing - Comments please?

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Apparently the UK Government is to review nurse training. It has been recommended that applicants to nurse training spend 6 months as a healthcare assistant first. The focus here seems to be on targets and nurses often have a massive workload meaning less time on patient care.

In the Philippines however,in some hospitals, equipment and resources are limited so nurses there have a different focus. A career in nursing in the Philippines is really a way of life and of course the chance to work abroad and improve their own lives. Nurses in the Philippines often don't have all the technical equipment we have here in the UK and of course this means that basic observations, caring for patients with little resources is a priority.

This is why I believe that nurses from the Philippines are a great asset to us here in the UK. As part of the government review, I would like to see nurse training to include a 3 month placement overseas in countries like the Philippines? Does anyone agree?

Of course I have great respect for our nurses here and the NHS, I just believe that nurses here are under too much pressure to deliver on targets and are not valued nor paid enough so those who go into nursing maybe don't feel valued enough?

Of course nurses from the Philippines go abroad to totally change their lives and ultimately provide for and care for their families back home, does this mean that the care and dedication to being a nurse is also given to their patients? Comments please. Thanks so much.


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