My love for the Filipino people and why I believe I made the perfect choice in marrying a Filipina

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My love for the Filipino people and why I believe I made the perfect choice in marrying a Filipina

1. They are resourceful

Life in the Philippines is a struggle for many. Here in the UK, even those who can't find work and who are on benefit, generally have a place to live, hot and cold running water, a cooker, free Medical treatment etc.

In the Philippines, even the most basic needs in life, like a place to live, food to eat, running water and indeed medical treatment is not a luxury everybody can afford. Therefore, Filipinos are as a people, very resourceful. Often finding ways of making money, like selling foods at a school, selling ice in the Barangay, collecting tins and plastic bottles to be recycled. Something which we would never dream of needing to do.

This makes them, in my opinion, a resourceful people who are generally careful with money and often finding ways to save through recycling, cooking foods at home, or bringing lunch to work for example.

2. They are hard working

Generally, Filipinos are always hardworking. Many Filipinos often have two jobs or a 'part time, as well as their main job. This in turn sets a good example to any children you may have in marriage. How many Filipinos do you see in the job centre signing on? Again this is not meant as a criticism of other races, merely an opinion.

3. Sacrifice for others

There are around 11 million overseas Filipino workers or OFW's abroad. Many Filipinos desire or are more likely forced to work abroad to provide for their families as life can be very tough in the Philippines.

Many leave the Philippines at a young age, leaving their parents, relatives, children etc to seek a better life abroad. They get jobs abroad to send money back home and provide a better life for their families. This to me means they are a strong, determined people who are prepared to sacrifice to provide a better life for their families, this is a further quality which I believe is desirable.

4. Caring for the elderly.

In this country, through the need to always work, there are people in their 60's who still have to work full time, it is often hard to care for your parents, so often, we are forced to admit our parents to nursing homes.

In the Philippines, elderly parents are often still living in the house and their children care for them. This I believe is also another reason why marrying a Filipino is a great move, as in my experience, they will always try to find a way to avoid their parents or indeed yours, ending up in a home. Their is always a network of family, friends etc who will try to care for your parents at home, if this is at all possible.

5. Sending money back home

I believe always supporting their families back in the Philippines is a real quality. This demonstrates the caring nature of Filipinos, how they never forget their families, even when they go abroad, they would for example pay for the education of their siblings, provide for their parents, build a house for their families, not just the rich ones, but nearly every OFW.

I believe this is a quality they have, to sacrifice and care for their families, something which makes them good life partners.

These are I believe just some of the countless reasons, why I chose to marry somebody from the Philippines.

This is of course, all my personal opinion, which I hope nobody minds me expressing. Thank you

Malcolm Conlan

Pinoy at heart, London


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